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This is not a simple blog. The recipes you will find here all have a reason to be here! What makes my food excellent is being tasty and healthy at the same time. It must consist of nutritious and diversified ingredients with limited calories and fats that are unneccessary for you, in order to keep the balance of your body. I believe in traditional reasoning, being guided by basics, such as food pyramid, common reason and feelings of well-being!
Food can be an indulgence by being tasty and making you feel good. Keeping your inner harmony will make you happy and strong (hence the wonderful life!).
Remember, you are what you eat so eat well and delicious :-)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Low-fat Healthy Spring Rolls!

Forget cheap and greasy Chinese food! Really, true Chinese is delicious but who has time and money to travel to China, just to eat out? ;) You can have your own, much healthier (cheaper and tastier too!) version of Chinese. And trust me, it is not so hard to make a spring roll as it seems. You just need to remember about few tricks:
1.Always use hot water to make the rice paper wet (you need to change it often because it cools down fast). This way you will only need to wet it rapidly and it will make it easy to work with but...
2.After you wet it, be fast- the rice paper tends to get too soft and it is hard to roll correctly.
3.Try to close the spring rolls as tight as possible but be careful not to break them.

Here is a short pictorial on rolling spring rolls

rice paper
150-200g smoked salmon
frozen spinach
100-200g mushrooms
small onion
1 garlic clove
olive oil
salt, pepper

Let`s get rollin`!
Chop onion, garlic, mushrooms and spinach and stew them on olive oil until all water evaporates, add salt and pepper as needed. Let it cool down- if you roll spring rolls while the filling is still hot they will break. In the meantime, cut salmon on 2x7cm stripes (more less, this way it is easy to roll the spring rolls).
Now, take a shallow plate and fill it with hot water. Wet a rice paper shortly and place it on wooden desk (remember my 3 tips above for rolling a spring roll). On lower side of the paper place stripe of salmon and spinach-mushroom filling covering the salmon. Check out the above picture to know how to roll! Firstly, take the lower piece and roll over the filling. Next, roll both sides into the center. Finally, roll the rest! Not so bad, is it? Also, it is very important to place the spring rolls on non-sticking sheet or baking sheet, slightly greased with olive oil (they very easily stick, even to such surface). Grease them with olive oil on both sides and bake for around 30 minutes in 200-220C. Enjoy with soy sauce!


  1. You are right! I think I`ll revisit the asian shop for some more rice paper soon... ;)

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